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Joiner Consulting Program Management Office Support Services brings over 20 years of experience managing Program Management Office activities, including subject matter expertise, tools, and resources to ensure that projects were completed efficiently, on time, within budget, and aligned with organizational goals. Our approach to all projects includes automating and streamlined processes geared toward helping our clients manage and implement long-term contract projects. We bring the skills and talents to simplify processes and meet government regulations and compliance requirements. We have experience working with both corporate and government clients to bring projects to closure on time and on budget without sacrificing quality and value.

Program Management Support Services include (but are not limited to)

Construction Industry:

In construction, our program management support services involved assisting the project managers with managing large-scale infrastructure projects such as building construction, parking lots, serving retail, commercial, industrial, and institutional needs, and more. Our services included project planning, scheduling, budgeting, risk management, vendor management, credit applications, pay applications, liens, quality control, payroll, human resources, and coordination among various stakeholders.

Information Technology (IT) Industry:

In IT, Our program management support services involved working directly with the program manager in financial planning & analysis, development of a statement of work, procurement, contract management, cost proposal & pricing, reporting & metrics, regulatory and compliance support, management of resource portfolios and project management systems, development of project-standardized quality assurance programs, work breakdown structure dictionary development, and earned value management systems assessment, documentation, and design. Our services included requirements gathering, vendor management, change management, resource allocation, and ensuring that IT projects align with the organization’s strategic objectives.

Healthcare Industry:

For healthcare, our program management support services focused on managing projects related to hospital biometrics, medical equipment acquisitions, electronic health record (EHR) system implementations, and regulatory compliance. Our work included reporting to executive stakeholders, performing ad-hoc engagements, data collection and regulatory compliance, patient billing and safety considerations, and coordination with clinical staff.

Small Business Sector:

In the context of small businesses, our program management support services help micro and nascent businesses launch new products and services, expand operations, or optimize business processes. Our services involve business analysis, resource allocation, marketing strategy, financial planning, business planning, and risk assessment tailored to the unique challenges faced by small enterprises.

Common work assignments and methodologies used during our program management support services across these industries included:


Project Planning: Defined project scope, objectives, and deliverables and identified needed resources.

Risk Management: Identified potential risks, assessing their impact, and developing mitigation strategies.

Budgeting and Financial Management: estimated costs, allocated budgets, and tracked expenses throughout the project lifecycle. Paid invoices and collected payments.

Stakeholder Management: Engaged and communicated with stakeholders, provided high-level presentations and reports as needed, and addressed other concerns.

Quality Assurance: Monitored and ensured project quality adherence to core standards.

Scheduling and Timeline Management: Created project schedules, tracked milestones, and managed changes to the project timeline.

Reporting and Communication: Provided regular updates and reports to stakeholders on project progress and status.

Change Management: Handled changes in project scope, objectives, or requirements while minimizing disruptions.

Resource Management: planned, scheduled, procured, and allocated people, money, equipment, supplies, and technology to a project or program.

Acquisition & Procurement: pre-award services, post-award services, contract closeout, contract management, requisition preparation, contract/purchase order modifications


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