Computer And Technical Support Services

Value Added Reseller

Leverage our relationships with major products and platform vendors to lock in the best prices. Add value from day one and save time with expert guidance. Your primary focus should be on revenue-generating results with dependable servers and a reliable network. Additionally, your information technology infrastructure should grow with your business and consistently deliver fast, secure, and efficient access to your data.

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Data is central to your business. With managed data backup and recovery, you are prepared in the event of a power outage, system crash, or natural disaster. Vulnerability audits and comprehensive disaster plans reduce disaster impacts and help you get up and running as quickly as possible.

Cyber Security Awareness

Protect your business and employees from cyber threats with our Cyber Security Awareness Training. Our program empowers your team with knowledge on how to spot and avoid cyber-attacks, protecting your business from costly data breaches and security incidents. Stay ahead of evolving cyber threats with our training program.

Technical Services includes:

  • Construction project management software
  • Library information administration
  • Computer data analysis
  • Business, data, financial & budget analysis
  • Real property management software
  • Purchasing
  • Human resources
  • Medical laboratory analysis


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